The London Welsh Football Club played its first competitive match on 18th October 1891 although it had been founded around a year earlier by officers of the Welsh regiments, with the aim to "honourably uphold the reputation of Wales in the Metropolis". The team was soon to be nicknamed "Preston North End" because "they were never beaten". This was due in part to having 6 Welsh internationals playing for the team.


Notable fixtures in the early days included a 0–12 defeat to Millwall Athletic the 1891–92 season and a 1:0 defeat and 1:1 draw against Tottenham Hotspur in 1894. At this time the Club had 90 members who were all, exclusively, Welsh.


Whilst a number of its rivals developed into professional clubs London Welsh retained its amateur status and when the Amateur Football Alliance reconstituted the Southern Olympian League in 1921 following the First World War we were one of 15 clubs admitted to membership. In 2002 the SOL and the Old Boys’ Football League merged to form the AFC. Of the original SOL clubs only London Welsh and Witan remain as members of the AFC.


Up until the early 1990’s Gunnersbury Park was our home until it was decided to seek better facilities and move to the Ibis ground nearby which ironically was converted into a golfing facility 3 years later. As is the case for many clubs we had been caught up in the shameful practice of selling off sports pitches which still continues until the present day. For the next few years the club went through a nomadic period that included two seasons in south east London at Charlton. 


Happily we have now come back to our West London roots and use the facilities of our good friends The Polytechnic Football Club from the Southern Amateur League. A number of our members have an affiliation to Wales in one form or another but we also continue to attract players from all over these shores and beyond. Everyone is welcome.